Transmutation of Evolution Series

Transmutation of Evolution Series
Facilitated by: Dr. Suzan Rossi
Sponsored by: Church of Self Mastery

This series is excellent for individuals committed to their own healing, evolution and enlightenment. You may join us at any time during the year.

Each month a three hour Quickening Transmutation Class is scheduled to heal, clear, and transmute negative, and at times destructive, issues stored at core levels of each participant's being found on the ancestral, DNA, cellular, ego and/or soul levels. During the next few classes we will process the fourth chakra level of love, issues regarding mankind and dis-eases that affect the circulatory and respiratory systems. As we move up the main chakras of the body we follow the same template, addressing each chakra's corresponding shadowed issues, negative emotions and dis-eases of its glands, body parts and organ systems.

The “I Am”

This session is a sample of the Quickening technology transmuting a foundational concept and belief system that influences, penetrates and permeates all our relationships. It is most often offered during an expanded version of the Foundation Quantum Leap workshop.

“I AM” are the two most powerful words in the English language. They are a declaration of our state of being – who we tell ourselves that we are and what we believe ourselves to be. Have you ever noticed how some people bring out the BEST in themselves, others and life…and how some people bring out the WORST in themselves, others and life? The difference is in their belief systems about themselves, all others, GOD / GODDESS and the Universe.

What we tell each of ourselves about what “I AM,” what “Others are,” what “GOD / GODDESS is,” and what “the Universe is” are what we declare to be true. It is what we believe about “the way things are,” what we expect of our reality and how we literally ask the Universe to respond.

This transmutation session redefines the beliefs, energy and dynamics within your relationships – to yourself, to all others, to God / Goddess and the Universe. “I AM” is an important foundational session for The Quickening work, and takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete depending on the participants. In this very thorough and profound Sacred Healing Session, we help you reclaim more of your full power as we clear out old belief systems which no longer serve you… then redefine and transmute those belief systems to new ones, that serve the highest good of yourself and all others. The “I Am” session helps you positively transmute your belief systems about relationships with yourself, men, women, males, females, boys, girls, mothers, fathers, all family members, friends, lovers, co-workers, human beings, God /Goddess and the Universes.

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